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Hello and thanks for stopping by! I'm Angel, and I love writing stories about men with big…brains. And even bigger hearts. And who aren't afraid to use either for all the wonderful possibilities in the spectrum of sensual, adventurous romance.

And yes, I love to write about the women who aren’t afraid of unleashing that power in their men. Smart, sexy women who bring out the strength in their mates because it's what makes up their spirit, too. In short, women I’d be fond of calling my friends!

If you’re ready to take a chance, then come with me. Let’s jump off the cliff, open our wings, and discover some exciting stories together. I look forward to interacting with you soon!


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Welcome to your Monthly Dose of the HOTS: "Hand Over The Sexy!"

This month's HOTS features Ethan Archer, from "Surrendering To Her Sergeant"

"In my mind, I'm ramming my tongue down your throat right now."

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